Profle: Chiaki Kuriyama

from where they call her Chiaki Kuriyami for some reason (?)

American fans of Asian action cinema will recognize Chiaki Kuriyama instantly from Kinji Fukasaku's 2000 cult classic Battle Royale, a savage SF satire in which teams of school-uniformed teens are pitted against each other in lethal elimination games. Kuriyama made an indelible impression as the fetching but ruthless flick-knife fighter Takako Chigusa.

Kuriyama was a successful child model who began acting in films and on television at age 11. A recent high school graduate with only four feature films and a handful of TV appearances to her credit, at nineteen she is a full-fledged teen idol in Japan, with all that implies in terms of custom-produced record albums and coffee-table photo collections.

Feature film appearances include Toire no Hanako-san (1995), the popular horror thriller Shikoku (Dead Country, 1999), and the upcoming Kamen Gakuen (Persona). Her TV successes include the series Multiple Personality Detective Psycho (2000). Chiaki Kuriyama has studied classical ballet and gymnastics and cites Trainspotting and Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction as her favorite movies.

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Poor Translation from a Japanese Website
KURIYAMA CHIAKI: FAQ Cyberjapan Millennium Covergirl 2000

With some kind of opportunity it becomes the model and increase is high? You entered into the office by your at the time of 5 years old. As for new work? Steel " of 753 " At the point where by your like, hateful the place? Favorite place: Hateful place: The thing which is not the eyebrow Now we want, mono? Boots You buy the clothes somewhere? Shimokita cOr Shibuya From now on it does the desired clothes with some ones? Trainer Favorite as for music? L'Arc? En? Ciel Favorite as for TV? Variety As for the person and the artist who now have been observed? RIZE (band) As for recent my boom? Mail (I mode) Please teach the method of passing the holiday. It waits at the house. Friend and karaoke. When the origin it changes, we would like to become something, is? Boy Is there favorite a place? Hokkaido After 10 years you think what is done? You had been supposed to have let do current work the i. Until now most the work which remains in impression? Movie ' battle * Ro y Al ' Are there failure talks and a happening in regard to work? Always the happening! Doing this work, is there the good thing? When you look at the work which is completed, you think it was good. Please teach recent condition report and future schedule. In the midst of CX " secret club " performance. Movie: Toei Co., Ltd. ' battle * Ro y Al '

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